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Why should you participate?

When you visit a healthcare professional you expect to recieve the best and safest care available that is centred on your needs.  We are not all the same, we can have diffferent values and requirements and these must be communicated if you are to experience a truly personal service. Also, healthcare is becomming more complex every day and resources are limnited. There is increasing demand to do more with less. While the majority of patients recieve excellent care, there is an increasing awareness that sometimes things can go wrong, erros may occur and services are not recieved whenthey are most needed.

When things do not go as planned, it is important to find out exactly what happened and actively look for ways to prevent it happening again. You should be informed if your treatment does not go as planned.

Most errors occur because of the way things are done, not as a result of who is doing them.

Improving the quality and safety of our healthcare services is not just the business of doctors, nurses or other health professionals. No single group can do it on their own. Everyone has a part to play - from governments who make decisions about the health system, to the patients reieving care.

'Consumers are given greater control, but also greater responsibility for their own health'

Quality and Fairness DOHC 2001