Your discharge from the hospital is as important as your admission. We endeavour to make sure you have a safe, well co-ordinated discharge. If you require help with your discharge, please ask a member of your care team.

Keeping the patients and families informed is an essential component to their care. A key element in Discharge planning is having a target discharge date towards which to plan. This ensures all necessary stepa are taken in a timely manner to provide you with a safe and appropriate discharge. From admission you are free to ask and discuss with your team how long you are likely to be in for, and although they may not be able to tell you a precise date, an estimate can be given. This allows you and your family to make any necessary arrangements and be as prepared as possible.

Home by 12

It is the hospital policy that, where appropriate, all patients vacate their bed by 12 midday. If you are unable to leave at this time, you are welcome to wait in the ward day room. By vacating the bed early, it allows for the incoming patients to be accommodated as soon as possible. Your adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated.

The following is a discharge checklist which may be of help:

  • Have you transport to your home? Is someonecomingto collect you?
  • If you have a wound; what care is needed?
  • Have you stitches or clips that need to be removed?
  • Can you bathe and shower independently when you go home?
  • Do you have house keys, clothes, and is there food available?
  • Has the heating been turned on?
  • If you are already receiving care or services at home, does the service provider know you have been discharged?
  • If there are any problems when discharged, whom do you contact?
  • Have you got your prescription? Medication is not supplied by the hospital. Have you someone who can get the medication for you? What is the medication for, how often and for how long should you take it?
  • Have you got a letter for your doctor or public health nurse?
  • Do you need an out-patient appointment or follow up care?
  • When can you return to work and normal activities?
  • Do you need a medical certificate for your employer?
  • Haveyou got allyour belongings?