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Nurse Education Centre

The aim of the Nurse Education Centre is to ensure that excellence in clinical practice is at the forefront of all nursing education.  We believe well-educated and clinically strong nurses deliver the highest standard of care to our patients.  Our collective mission is to strive to maintain this excellence in clinical care, education and research.  The educational and training needs of our healthcare assistants are also catered for.

Our focus is to build and foster an ethos of lifelong learning in the hospital and East Coast Area.  Education programmes are developed to meet the on-going educational requirements identified by the Director of Nurse Education and the registered nurse tutors, in collaboration with clinical nursing staff.  Each programme is designed to increase the competence of nurses and enhance professional practice, ensuring that safe, high quality, patient-centred care is delivered.

The Nurse Education Centre philosophy

The education philosophy is based on the hospital’s values, which are human dignity, compassion, justice, quality and advocacy.  Patient safety and the delivery of high-quality care by competent nurses is always the priority.  Although education programmes are crafted with this in mind, the nurse as the participant is central to all teaching and learning events.  Nursing education promotes learning as a lifelong process, and continual personal and professional development is the imperative to enable nurses to be effective decision-makers in practice.

Nursing education engages with Malcolm Knowles’ (1984) andragogic theory that adult learning is self-directed and adults take responsibility for their own learning.  Nurses as learners are self-motivated and engage proactively in their own learning.  Participants are encouraged to build on their own body of knowledge based on individual experience and to apply this knowledge directly to their environment.  This promotes nurses as reflective, lifelong learners. The nursing education pedagogy is continually reviewed not only to respect nurses as adult-learners and improve teaching and learning experiences, but also to ensure effective use of available resources.

A supportive and collaborative relationship between nurse educators and clinical staff is continually nurtured, ensuring the specific clinical education needs are analysed and addressed in a creative way.  The climate is one of sharing which ultimately benefits the patients in our care.

Equality is an important component of nursing education and all participants on courses and participants on study days are treated with respect and without any prejudice regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, family status, civil status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or membership of the traveller community.

Continuous professional development

We provide a range of courses using a diverse mixture of learning methods, to cater for all styles of learning and timeframes. These include eLearning programmes, blended learning, workshops, skills-based sessions, lectures, seminars and self-directed packages.

For more information on all the programmes provided visit the Prospectus NEPD July 2018

Nurse Education Centre Staff    

Director of Nurse Education and Practice Development, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, and Lecturer, University College Dublin (UCD) – Mary Ryder

Registered nurse tutors (RNT):

  • RNT and Adjunct Lecturer School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, UCD – Orpha Walsh
  • RNT and Adjunct Lecturer, UCD – Freda Browne 
  • RNT and Adjunct Lecturer, UCD – Orla Leonard 
  • RNT, Nurse Prescribing Site Coordinator and Adjunct Lecturer, UCD – Cáit Galvin
  • Nursing Education Technology project manager – Jody O’Reilly
  • Clinical Nurse Educator, UCD Marie Daly 
  • Registered Nurse Tutor, joint appointment with NMPDU – Sarah Keane

Administrative support:

  • Nurse Education Centre Secretary- Caroline Doyle 

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Caroline Doyle
tel:      (01) 221 4716


St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Elm Park

Dublin 4

Opening Hours

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