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To compare viral load outcomes on DTG/RPV FDC regimen (experimental arm) to continued ART regimen (control arm) at 48 weeks as measured by HIV-1 RNA below or confirmed above 50 copies/Ml.

An open label, Multi Centre, Randomised, Switch Study to Evaluate the virological efficacy over 96 weeks of 2-Drug therapy with DTG/RPV FDC in antiretroviral treatment experienced HIV-1 infected subjects virologically suppressed with NNRTIS resistance mutation K103N.

Key Eligibility Criteria

HIV-1 infected adults aged 18 years or over, virologically suppressed with NNRTIs resistance mutation K103N.

(Subjects who at any time have had the mutations 100I, 101E/P, 106A/M, 138K/G/Q, 181C/I/V, 188L, 190A/S/E/Q, 230L mutations are to be excluded.

Other NNRTI region variants can be included).

Therapeutic Area
Type of Study
Clinical trial PHASE IIIB
Study Status
NEAT ID Foundation
Principal Investigator
Professor Paddy Mallon